​​Cocker's Towing, Inc.

You never know when an automotive or towing need may arise, but you can be confident that Cocker’s Towing will be ready to serve you in a crisis. We recommend that you keep our number handy in your wallet/purse, glove box and/or cell phone. Print an extra copy out to give to loved ones who are driving for peace of mind that they will be taken care of when a need arises.  Our enthusiastic, experienced, and dedicated staff is always ready to provide quick, courteous and quality service to you, our valued customers. We have more than 50 years of experience providing timely roadside repair and towing services for motorcycles, vehicles, and heavier pieces of equipment. We look forward to serving you! 

355 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, PA 17022

phone (717)367-5505  fax (717)367-7013

Office hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm and Saturday 8am - Noon